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Hello, I’m Janie, mother of three and part-time sociologist.  This blog is mainly ramblings on the chaos that is my life at the moment, and I’m hiding firmly behind an avatar so as not to be rumbled (please don’t rumble me).  The stars of it are:

Charlotte – tomboy, would be writer (she’s also a blogger! Not encouraged by her mum at all, obvs).  Eldest, high-achieving child, constantly startling me with her insight.  She was born with one hand, not that you’d know, there’s nothing she can’t do when she throws herself into it.

Harry – the laid-back one, who has somehow disproved all my pre-children notions about gender conditioning and is slowly, or not so slowly, becoming a world-authority on military hardware.  Shows great potential as a pun-extraordinaire.

Katie – the youngest, and currently working hard on being the most strong-willed child in the world.  Still in pre-school, in fact such is my rubbish family planning that they are all in different institutions.  Which makes the school run particularly deadly.

We live on the South Coast, where I’ve spent much of my adult life and where my husband was born.  A bit far from my Welsh hometown really, but what can you do?  Things I love include sarcasm, firebrands, Buffy, aubergines, Murakami, springer spaniels, Billy Bragg, the sea and cheese (both types).  That’s a fair random sample.  And I have no social skills.  At all.

I’m blogging as an online diary and just to keep writing because I need to.  I write all day for work, but it’s a very different style, and not the voice inside my head so I suppose this balances that.  Such a lot has happened in the past few years, maybe this is starting to sort through some of that.

And the cartoon cat?  That's just something my daughter doodled on one of those magnetic drawing boards. I don't think you can go far wrong with a cat in a breton top ..,

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