Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Then there was this thing on the telly ...

Something completely different now.  This morning we were watching CBBC, when Harry suddenly got very excited that a girl on the programme had 'a little hand' (like Charlotte).  Harry notices things like this.
 Nothing was made of it in the programme at all, and it was just a nice confidence-boosting, inclusive kind of moment.  Charlotte often talks about starring in some CBBC programme. That is, in between writing books and being a teacher.

Anyway, later she piped up to Charlie, "I was watching this programme on CBBC earlier ..."  And I fully expected her to tell him about it.

No.  "And the girl on it had an Australian accent."

I think it was actually nicer that she thought this was the most note-worthy thing about the programme.  *hearts*

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