Sunday, 10 March 2013

Pottering with Style(s)

Today is most definitely going to be an unearth-shattering entry, and as I am teeming with hormones it would need to be.  Mother’s Day, which has of course involved some extremely cute cards from H & C.  Harry actually gave me his (a bejewelled windmill!) after school on Friday.  I’m not sure timing is going to be his thing, but he very expertly went through the 29 kisses with me, which is clearly guaranteed to make a grown woman well up.  Charlotte takes these things much more seriously, and carefully explained her thinking to me behind various aspects of the design at 6.30 this morning.

It was my turn to do the swim and ducks run this morning, & then we rendez-vous-ed to town as we had a mission to put together a superhero outfit for Charlotte for red nose day. C had already decided that she was to be Purplegirl (should I copywrite this idea??).  Clare’s Accessories, the obvious starting point for such a mission, didn’t seem like the best place to entertain a 5 year old boy, but as luck would have it they had a One Direction section. So my son was able to scare shoppers for the next hour or so by wearing a Harry Styles mask.  I imagine our days are marked in some cctv room somewhere.  Met up with Charlie & K for lunch in every middle class family’s favourite, John Lewis (although clearly not today, eerily quiet, obviously more extravagant MD lunches were in progress elsewhere, but they were the losers as JL had their winning potato & watercress soup on the menu).  Then back home for the traditional homework fest, only one slight moment of near-meltdown, a record for us this term.  & over to my mum’s to deliver MD plant, eat left-over Xmas biscuits & watch Toy Story.  A very normal day, unstressful day, much needed to face the horror of the Sunday night ironing pile.

And now, having been told that it ‘definitely’ will snow tonight at least 5 times, I’m feeling rather edgy & humbuggish, Monday being my one day in the office when I’ve piled up the meetings (included one particularly dreaded one) which I’d been banking on getting out of the way for the week.  As it turns out, timing’s probably not my thing either.

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